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Refund Policy

It is not Nati Roses International's general policy to refund.

In our experience, fresh flowers should have a vase life of 3 -7 days where correct flower care has been provided.

Flowers leave our shop in optimum condition and as a living product need to be provided with certain after-purchase care in order to maintain optimum performance for their vase life.

It is the purchaser's/recipient’s responsibility to follow full flower care instructions, paying particular attention to providing an immediate and continual source of hydration & positioning away from draughts, heat emitting sources/appliances (think on top of heaters/fire places/television/fridge etc) & keeping away from fruit and vegetables which emit ethylene gas, known to shorten flower life. Please see our full flower care instructions below.

If the purchaser's/recipient’s flowers have not lasted at least 3 days we should be contacted immediately to assess the problem. We will gather information provided by you to investigate if all flower care instructions have been followed before deciding if a replacement/credit is warranted. You will usually be contact between 3-5 working days to be advised of the outcome.

If flowers that have been booked for delivery via Nati Roses International are not in a good condition when they arrive, please call our staff within 24 hours of receiving them to discuss the issue. We will request photographs to be emailed to us to help assist us to determine the problem.

If the poor quality/short vase life of instore purchases or delivered flowers is deemed to not be the fault of the purchaser/recipient, it is our policy to supply a replacement/credit. The original flowers must be available to be returned to us upon supply of the replacement. The replacement will not be left at a delivery address unless the original is available for collection. Additional re-delivery fee may apply.

If the poor quality is due to incorrect flower care by the recipient Nati Roses International will not replace or credit the order.

No complaints will be received after 3 days from delivery date.