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Refund Policy


It is not Nati Roses International's policy to refund.

In our experience, fresh flowers should have a vase life of 3 -7 days where correct flower care has been provided.

Flowers leave our shop in optimum condition and are accompanied by a card explaining flower care. It is the recipient’s responsibility to follow the care instructions, paying particular attention to watering & positioning away from draughts, heat sources & fruit.

If, after following the care instructions, the recipient’s flowers have not lasted at least 3 days we should be contacted immediately to assess the problem and organise a replacement where necessary.

If, for some reason, the flowers are not in a good condition when they arrive please call our staff within 24 hours of receiving them to discuss the issue. We will request photographs to be emailed to us to help determine the problem.

If the poor quality/short vase life is deemed to not be the fault of the recipient, it is our policy to supply a replacement. The original flowers must be available for us to collect upon delivery of the replacement. The replacement will not be left unless the original is available for collection.

If the poor quality is due to incorrect flower care by the recipient Nati Roses International will not replace the order.

Complaints received later than 3 days after delivery date will not be reviewed.